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Message From The Founder and C.E.O of The Royal Colosseum

Education augments opportunities and opportunities enhance education. As the world has transformed into a globalized planet, students have the opportunity of learning global education methods of international systems from the comfort of staying in their home country, whilst acquiring degrees from some of the top-ranking universities worldwide. In a world that is becoming increasingly connected and better informed than ever before, having an internationally recognized degree can prepare students for multinational career prospects that can yield successful futures for our country’s youth. At The Royal Colosseum (TRC) we aim to encourage international openness that enables students to acquire cross border expertise and qualifications through courses that are prominently accredited in their respective fields worldwide.

The Royal Colosseum has collaborated with three of the finest international university consortiums: NCUK, College de Paris and UK Law Programme; creating pathways for students to take advantage of the latest degree programs and curriculums from countries such as the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand. The courses being offered at TRC have been carefully selected by us to match the demand of our country’s current job market as well as for our modern-day entrepreneurial landscape. We aim to ensure our students gain immediate employment upon graduation from university due to the wide range of acceptability of the qualifications offered by our institute. Along with our diverse range of courses, we also offer internships as well as job placements with an elaborate list of well reputed national and multinational companies. We place great emphasis on career counseling and aim to sustain long term relationships with our students that aim to guide them towards attaining their future goals by linking them with relevant job opportunities even after they graduate from TRC.  

As the world witnessed the closing of borders during the pandemic, many students aspiring for international studies were left hopeless due to the uncertainty of the unknown future. Furthermore, the devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee against international currencies has made it increasingly difficult for students to afford three to five years of studying abroad. TRC aims to cater to these tribulations by not only providing students with the option to do their full international degree in Pakistan, but also creates pathways for students to study abroad for their second or third year of university. This kind of flexibility creates ease for international admissions and placements for students and provides them with personalized options that fulfill their academic and professional needs, interests and abilities.  

The faculty at TRC comprises top international and national educators as well as various successful patrons of our country’s economy. Each faculty member possesses profound knowledge in their subject and will mentor their students to adjoin their teachings with practical proficiencies that prepare them fully for the international job industry.   Our beautiful Karachi campus has been carefully designed with European interiors to ensure a premium international university experience. The campus is fully equipped with quality facilities, classrooms and laboratories to guarantee a jubilant learning experience along with a vibrant student life. Our students will also be involved in various networking events and opportunities that build industry linkages as well as recreational events that empower them with the confidence to set a strong foot as they enter the future as successful forerunners in the post pandemic world.

At TRC, we aim to equip our students with the best of learning capabilities through some of the most advanced and updated degree programs sourced from various well reputed, internationally recognized universities. This wholesome experience will prepare and equip students with a well-balanced approach and a global perspective that will broaden their outlook and professional capabilities when they are ready to face the challenges of the global job market. Our top tier ranking degrees surpass some of the local degrees being offered in our country in terms of keeping up with the latest innovations and developments of the world. This will give our students the competitive edge necessary to enhance their career goals and professional life. The experience at TRC will be exclusive, unmatched and unique and I am looking forward for our country’s youth to embark upon this wonderful journey with us.

Founder & CEO

Nisha Ghumro Kalwar


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