Foundation in Business Administration

The foundation programme prepares you with the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to progress to the undergraduate level.


Ascencia Business School’s foundation programme in business administration is a solid preparation for any career. Learners are introduced to the concepts and theories of how business organizations are managed. Furthermore, learners choose to enhance their knowledge, develop their skills, advance decision-making abilities, improve their capacity to analyze and synthesize, and build up strategic planning methods by completing this foundation programme.

It is specifically designed for students who wish to enter bachelor’s programmes immediately after high school. It is a one-year bridging programme covering a range of subjects that form the core competencies required to pursue a degree qualification in Business Administration and Management. Every student of the Foundation programme will enter a stream related to their studies as they proceed to their degree programme. 

Students will learn key themes in marketing, management, accounting and finance, banking and insurance, human resources, international trade and purchasing and logistics. 

The foundation programme in Business Administration is a French-inspired study course designed to fill the gap between your current level of qualification and knowledge and the level needed to be admitted to a Bachelor’s programme in leading Institutions across the world. Foundation programmes, also known as preparation courses or pathways programmes, complement any knowledge or qualification that you might still be lacking after finishing high school.

Key Learnings

This programme is best suited for:

Students who have completed A-Levels, Inter Mediate, IB, or other equivalent qualifications. Keen interest in the business field of study and want to pursue any of these degree programmes:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration 
  2. Bachelor of Information Technology
  3. Bachelor of Digital Marketing

Progression Pathway

After completing foundation programme students can choose one of the following options:

  1. To transfer to any of College de Paris Member Schools offering above mentioned Qualification at any location worldwide.
  2. To continue Bachelor Degree at The Royal Colosseum In Karachi 
  3. To transfer to any of College de Paris Partner Universities globally. 


Semester 1CreditsNumber
Lorem ipsum4ESTU 203
Lorem ipsum2ESTU 340
Lorem ipsum4ESTU 657
Semester 2CreditsNumber
Lorem ipsum4ESTU 768
Lorem ipsum4ESTU 432
Lorem ipsum2ESTU 873
Semester 3CreditsNumber
Rhetoric & the Public Sphere4ESTU 203
Communication & Everyday Life2ESTU 340
Critical & Rhetorical Methods4ESTU 657
Semester 4CreditsNumber
Relational Communication4ESTU 768
Public Relations Campaigns4ESTU 432
Rhetoric of Social Movements2ESTU 873
Total for the entire period of study40

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