Foundation in Fashion and Textile

The foundation programme prepares you with the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to progress to the undergraduate level.


Ecole Conte’s foundation in Fashion and Textile is a preparatory program that can give you the skills needed to successfully complete an undergraduate degree. This introductory study of fashion design can help you better understand the qualities and skills needed to be successful in the fashion industry. You may get hands-on experience in manufacturing clothing alongside courses designed to help you better manage your time while at university. You may gain a variety of skills during this program, such as effective communication, portfolio development and drawing techniques. Not only will these abilities help you succeed in an undergraduate degree program, but they can also serve you well in your career.

Textile Design provides training in conceptual development, creative interpretation, and technical production as well as knowledge relevance which is crucial to the textile design industry. An industrial attachment and a practical workshop will further provide valuable practical experience for the students. Fashion Design equips the students with fashion and textile knowledge, marketing, and practical skills. Design concepts and technical skills are interdependent and mutually enhancing in the training approaches. The program is structured to cover all aspects of fashion design from basic to advanced drafting, draping, construction and designing. Studio projects include functional to experimental clothing designs.

Key Learnings

This programme is best suited for:

Students who have completed A-Level, Intermediate, IB, or other equivalent qualifications. Keen interest in Fashion and Textile field of study and want to pursue any of these degree programmes:

  1. Bachelors of Fashion and Design
  2. Bachelors of Textile and Fashion
  3. Bachelors of Luxury Marketing

Progression Pathway

After completing the foundation programme students can choose one of the following options:

  1. To transfer to any of College de Pairs Member Schools offering above mentioned Qualification at any location worldwide.
  2. To continue bachelor’s degree at The Royal Colosseum In Karachi
  3. To transfer to any of College de Paris Partner Universities globally.


Semester 1CreditsNumber
Lorem ipsum4ESTU 203
Lorem ipsum2ESTU 340
Lorem ipsum4ESTU 657
Semester 2CreditsNumber
Lorem ipsum4ESTU 768
Lorem ipsum4ESTU 432
Lorem ipsum2ESTU 873
Semester 3CreditsNumber
Rhetoric & the Public Sphere4ESTU 203
Communication & Everyday Life2ESTU 340
Critical & Rhetorical Methods4ESTU 657
Semester 4CreditsNumber
Relational Communication4ESTU 768
Public Relations Campaigns4ESTU 432
Rhetoric of Social Movements2ESTU 873
Total for the entire period of study40

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