Presenting Andrew Tkach

Students of film and media attended a seminar at Agha Khan University. An exciting discussion with Andrew Tkach, Emmy Award winner and climate change filmmaker. 🎥🎞️
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Voices from the roof of the world.

Join us for an exciting discussion with Emmy Award winner and climate change filmmaker.

Monday, 6 Nov 2023 at 4:00 PM

University Center, 8th Floor.

Andrew Tkach is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker in news and documentaries, With over 30 years of experience, including examining human rights and environmental issues, he is directing the AKU climate change documentary series ‘Voices from the Roof of the World’, which mentors local filmmakers in South and Central Asia.

Fashion Students At TRC

The fashion students at TRC really outdid themselves with their final project presentation! They designed and digitally printed their own 3-piece suits, creating a stunning

Academic Superstar of TRC!

Congratulations to Hunain Malik, the academic superstar of TRC!  Your outstanding achievement and highest marks in all NCUK Centers in South Asia make us incredibly proud.