Hey there, my name is Shahnoor Talib, I am currently enrolled in the UK Law program at the Royal Colosseum (TRC) and I am currently working as an associate teacher for A Level Business and assistant football coach at Sceptre College.

I did my O Level from St .Pauls English High School and I did my A Level from Sceptre College. During my time as a student at St.Pauls and Sceptre, I had the honor of being the Head Boy of 2021 batch, President of the Pauls Model UN and President of Public speaking and Debating society at St. Pauls and Sceptre. I was the Captain of the St.Pauls football team for 2 years and then I had the honor of being the captain of Sceptre football team in 2021.

If we talk about what I achieved as a warrior is that I got the opportunity to represent Pakistan internationally in Turkey and India for debates. With the financial and moral support from Ma’am Nisha at Sceptre College, I was able to secure awards for Pakistan in both the conferences at MUN Turkey and Indian International MUN. As the captain of Sceptre Football team, we were able to be the finalist of 2021 KUSC and were able to secure 5 other runner-up trophies. I was ranked in top 30 in the national parliamentary debates and I also secured awards in conferences like ROTMUN, ZABMUN, MUNIK(IBA) and 30 others.

My time at TRC has been truly amazing. Just within a year of higher education, I’ve been able to strengthen my skill set. I was able to secure 3 trophies in National Mooting competitions while being the Best Speaker in 2 of them. We are given the opportunity to attend MOOTs where we stand against some of the best competitors. This has proven to be an amazing learning experience for me. The Founder of TRC, Ma’am Nisha and the CEO, Sir Azar, are the people you need for support in achieving your dreams as their vision is to make TRC students prosper in their respective fields. Most my dreams came true because of the support I got from Ma’am Nisha and I will always be grateful for choosing this university to pursue Law. Now my goal is to achieve success on a bigger scale as I have my eyes set on the upcoming Harvard National conference where I look forward to make my country proud.


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Everything that I learned at Kempbelle University really helped put me above the competition in the field of business management.

Alyssa Watson
BA Business Management